Frodo for PalmOS

Some of the more common problems with Frodo:

I can't run Pippin in XP!

Windows XP is shipping without a Java engine. You need to get one from Sun.

I'm not getting any sound on my Clié!

Yes, I know.

Suddenly I can't see the keyboard/joystick!

In all likelyhood a debug requester/fatal error overdrew them. The joystick will redraw itself the next time you move it. The keyboard is trickier. Try to tap "Left Shift" or "Commodore". The keyboard will change -and draw itself - to reflect the new characters.

Work is being done to elimiate this embarrasing bug.

I'm getting fatal alerts saying "MemoryManager non-aligned handle/index out of reach/etc." when I change disks or quit!

The .d64 handling has been bug-riddled all along. It involves a lot of memory management, so any bugs usually manifest them self in MemoryManager alerts. I think I have fixed most of them... Still, stick to .t64 files if you're afraid of resetting your Palm.

I'm getting the error "Empty bitmap family"

This seems to happen when you switch from "compatible" to "direct 256" mode. I can't figure this bug out. It must be that the TAC-2 joystick images are lacking a 256 color version. I'll draw a set very soon. In the meantime, never switch from "compatible" to "direct 256" mode.

My screen looks like this!

Your device has defaulted to the wrong 16-color mode. Select the other one, and please report the problem and your device to the forums so we can get the defaults right.

My screen looks like this!

You have a landscape mode device that wilfully reports the wrong screen width. Select the "compatible" mode, and please report the problem and your device to the forums.

My screen looks like this!

Your device is refusing to use the Frodo palette in 16-bit mode. Please report the problem, so we can gauge how common this is. A fix might be to add a palette to the buffer image, but that will bring speed way down. Logo